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Art Hanging System            Call: 913-269-7624 


Picture hanging systems simplify art hanging and let art displays shine as they should.

You can put artwork exactly where you want: no nails, no mess. 

A Few Simple Parts


A track that mounts on the wall


Moveable hangers


Adjustable hooks that slide up and down for vertical positioning.



  • Tracks (in white or natural aluminum) mount on your wall, typically eight to fifteen feet above the floor. Track sections can be mounted end-to-end to span a long wall, or cut to fit a short space.


Anodized tracks

2 meter (6.5ft) length         $26.00 ea  

White track

2 meter (6.5ft) length         $29.00 ea


Hanger Packs

  • Hangers of stainless steel cable are inserted into the track, and hang close to the wall.  The hangers slide horizontally along the track to any position along the wall.


Hangers, Stainless Steel Cable

2 meter (6.5ft) length - 10 pack   $69.00  


Hook Packs


  • Hooks attach to the hangers, and slide up and down to any desired height. When locked in place, they are ready to securely hold your art.

  • Typical usage is one pack of 10 hooks for every 4 tracks, or more if you plan on hanging multiple pictures on each hanger.


Hooks, Push Button - 10 pack      $78.00   

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